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23,317 miles
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About Andrew

My name is Andrew and I'm a cartoon rabbit. I'm the slave labour behind this site's comic and this summer I'm going to be lugging my laptop and scanner 26,000 miles in an experiment to see if I can keep producing comics. Succeed or fail it'll be an adventure.
About Shanti

A classically trained Viennese actor, Shanti became famous in the Spring of 2003 with the release of his first feature length film, "The Woodsman". Since then Shanti, or as he's better known, Heinrich von Grossschwanz, has released more than 300 full length and short features, which have been universally well received by the world's top adult content critics. Heinrich has been a long time collaborater and representative of the OutsideWorld during his many travels and fan conventions.

About the trip

  This summer we will become the first cartoon rabbits to travel around the world, 38,000 kilometers in 80 days! (give or take a month) To do this we're going to spend as little money and have as much fun as possible and you can follow every kilometer traveled and every euro spent on this website. There will be at least three new comics a week and as many blog posts as we can manage.  

About the website

  This website was originally set up to provide information about the Protest Protest of which I'm still obscenely prowd. Since then it's become the home of my webcomic and projects and now a crazy trip I'm doing with my good friend Shanti. All contents copyright 2010 by Andrew McCargar unless otherwise noted (e.g. Shanti's blog, which is obviously copyright him). No duplication, reproduction, or reprinting of site content or comics and/or related characters is allowed without written permission from the author.
LETTEROMATIC is the comic font used on all but some very early comcis and those that were (poorly) hand lettered. LETTEROMATIC is copyright Nate Piekos. Several images were used to create the top banner which have been copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license. The original image authors neither endorse this website, nor to the best of my knowledge do they even know it exists:
Mount Hood National Forest photo by Andy Barrett
Steam train photo by Wiki Commons User Duncharris
Mongolian horse rider by Wiki Commons User Chin_tin_tin
Olkhon Island photo by Cyril Romier
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